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1. Where can I purchase Siam drinking water? Are there any delivery services?
Our products are available at shopping stores such as, Siam Outlet, Mega Home, Sun 108, MaxValu, Villa Market, UFM Fuji Super, Tang Hua Seng department store, Siam Cash Van Sales and local distributor, call center 02-599-0199.
(Free delivery under company’s conditions)
2. How many sizes of Siam drinking water product are there and what are prices and promotions?

To support customer command, we produce various sizes of drinking water and mineral water including 220, 350, 600, 1500 and 6000 ml. and large container size 18.9 liters. For mineral drinking water there are 350, 600, 1500 ml. available. With emphasis to conduct business with a fair price. For the promotions and other campaigns it depends on the company’s events and time periods. You may contact sales officer or customer service for more information.

3. Is the house brand and Siam brand different?

House brand products are under the same standards as Siam drinking water, which the consumer can be 100% ensured of quality.

4. How Siam brand is different from other?
Easy to create your own house brand, only order with the minimum budget (2,000 pack/ month 1 year contract) which our company serves free digital design i.e. Logo, label and registered license from FDA department. The customers will be responsible for the cost of mold blog. For more information, please contact our call center 
5. Why we offer drinking mineral water? If we don’t drink mineral water will we get sick?

No, mineral water is another choice for consumer, which aims to create a firm body with the nutrients. But it doesn’t mean that people who don’t like to drink mineral water will be weak and sickly. It depends on taking care of individual body, Eating 5 food groups, exercise, enough sleep and positive thinking these can all benefit good health.

6. Why expiration date is on the product? And is the bottle re-useable or not?

Normally drinking water will not notify of expiration date, but our company wants to attain confidence and ensure of the quality product to consumer (water 2 years and mineral water 1 year after produced) If the product is kept over 2 year, the P.E.T plastic package may ruin taste of water, if it is stored in inappropriate conditions. People usually store drinking bottle in refrigerator where temperature is 4-8 C. But when the bottle is taken into the room temperature (35-38 C.) 2 or 3 times alternately, and sometimes kept in more than 40 C. such as in a parked car or sunshine, the plastic bottle will release Diacetyl Acetate substance, and it could effect health. Especially mineral water might have discoloration in the bottle although the water passed filtering system. All in all, for your safety we recommend the plastic package is not re-used more than 2 times.

7. Someone said that drinking too much RO water is not good for health, is it true?
The water product with RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtering system can give more pureness than other filtering processes, and uses the special membrane 0.0001 micron (humanity hair = 100 micron, virus and germs = 0.01 micron) By this qualification, it will intercept and isolate objects in the water i.e., metal contamination, mercury, lead, arsenic, fertilizers, pesticides, and carcinogens (THM) and germs, which will be blocked through membrane insertion filter. After this process the result is pure water, from which more than 96% of impurities will be cleaned. So, if you need to drink clear and clean water, the bottled water produced with RO is the best drinking water. 
Will of drinking too much RO water effect body? As we know drinking or eating something too much or less than enough is not good for our body but it depends on eating behavior, people should have enough 6 food groups as carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, salt and drink clean water to easily absorb all nutrients. Exercise and clearing your mind will also help good health. So, it all depends on living and eating habits of individual.
8. What is difference between RO water from drinking machine and product from the manufacturing?

RO Water from the machines produced from tap water by small filtration kits RO system and uses Germicide lamps to disinfect without verification test from any specialist to confirm the drinking quality, also have no testing about physical properties, chemical, biological and physical. But different from Siam Drinking water, our factory has certification standard. Which we take water from underground where 250 meter depth and operate with 4 quality processes filtration, RO, UV and Ozone where accepted from the international organization and guaranteed by GMP, FDA, ISO90001, HACCP which consumer can be ensured of the safety and health condition.

9. Premium products of Siam drinking water which receive from ESSO gas station are different from other product or not?

The premium product that is distributed by ESSO Company is mineral water, which has green label. The product produced under same standards as Siam Drinking Water, but the Mineral Water does not pass RO process because we want to keep all important nutrition. However the free distributed product also pass regulations, the consumer can trust in the quality.

10. How Siam brand is different from others?

Each Drinking water brand is difference due to the source of water which affects the taste of water and manufacturing quality process. Siam drinking water takes water from underground more than 250 meters in depth and undergoes 4 quality processes, (other brands normally conduct for only 3 processes), this makes our drinking water clean and clear, better tasting and remain all important nutrients more than other brand which used tap water. In addition, our company has been an expert for drinking water manufacturing because of experiences on drinking water all the past and is used by more than 60 of Thailand leading companies.

11. How good is the quality of Siam drinking water and guarantee certificate?

Siam water process with 4 steps: Filtration, RO, UV, Ozone where accepted from the international organization and guaranteed by GMP, FDA, ISO90001, HACCP included with verification and certification from Water Analysis Institute i.e. SGS, US Army

12. What are the differences of drinking water that is produced from natural source opposed to tap water?

Underground water does not need to proceed with complex additive methods to the natural nutrients to give a good tasting drinking water and has no impurities like drinking a rainwater, where as tap water has to be processed with many complex methods to achieve a good tasting drinking water, but to try to keep natural nutrients and natural taste will not similar to the original one.

13. How deep of raw water that can produce Mineral Drinking Water and how deep to found complete nutrients?

The artesian well should not be less than 150 meters deep then you will find the perfect nutrients and have no impurities.

14. Is there any charge for the underground water sourced for producing drinking water?

Yes, the charge is called “Water conservation” to the government, which they will charge by recorded meter for 18-20 THB for unit. (More expensive than the tap water)