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Tips with Siam drinking water

Easy tips to persuade you fro taking 6-8 glasses of water a day is : Takin 1-2 cup after wakeup in the morning. Beside, warm water or hot tea will help to remove waste and against constipation problem.

Water not only help to decrease heat in human body, taking 8 glasses of water / day would help to reduce fat, because water will accelerate in metabolism system.

8 glasses of water/ day also help to maintain and keep body balance to be in a good condition.

It’s  recommend to take a waste while having meal, because water will reduce the concentrate of enzyme. which can obstacle nutrient from food. If you feel thistly which having food, it’s recommend to take water from soup or other liquid dishes.

To prevent of calculus disease, it recommend to take 2 liters of per/ day

During flu, the patient should take a lot of water to reduce heat and flame

For gout, patient should take a lot of water and avoid for alcohol drink.

Gastritis patient should take a lot of water

Waterhelps the heart work less. If there is less water in the blood, the heart muscle to work harder and can cause the heart muscle to grow abnormally.

Water can help to prevent some symptom such as, headache, migraine, digestive problem, constipated, low blood pressure. Also help to reduce wrinkle skin from aging problem.

Water also help increase hemoglobin and enhances the immune system and increase the ability to resist disease. It also helps eliminate waste from the body.

Water will help nervous system to be in a good condition, it taking water properly it would lead to better concentration and refreshment to the body.

Body refreshment, we should not wait until feel thirsty but people should take water by taking bit by bit for the whole day. If our body did not receive enough water, it can be cause of dehydration and pass-out as a final result.

Migraine patient when receiving appropriate amount of water, the pain can be reduced and from research found that 34 person from 95 of migraine patients have worse symptom when it’s lack of water. Therefore, just drink 8-10 glasses/ day, it could develop your health.

For ethylic or workout people, highly recommend to take extra water, which it’s suggest to take 500-600 cc. for 2 hours before starting activity and take 240 cc. after 30 minute,  take 100-200 cc. for every 10-20 minute. After finish your activity, it should take for another  240 cc. to fulfill the hydration.

Do you ever curious why water become the best drink in the world?

because water is a natural source, pure and non-compound or contain with other ingredients. The amount of water should also align with weight and size of each person. For example, people who has 60 kg. weight should take 8glasses/ days and people who has  80 kg. weight should take 11 glasses/day

Over weight person recommend to take a lot of water, which from the research found that human body develop metabolism more than 150 after taking 2 liters of water/ day.