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Trade Mark
Trade Mark Siam Drinking Water
            the 3 wave lines under word “Siam” with a classical blue font “Drinking water” text
  • Thai’s drinking water or drinking water of the Thai’s ancient
  • To indicate of drinking water product under brand “Siam”
  • mean water/ flow/ wave which come from the raw water, where is the important source
    to produce Siam drinking water and convey to mention for the current, tide of water
    where its flow and significant to the business growth.
  • The blue color is a cold tone, which appropriate for describing to the water. Which light blue colour also refer to water/ fresh/ honesty and dark blue colour is refer to expertise, reliability, proficiency, intelligent, warm, power, earnest, healthy especially for the business term. Therefore, the light and dark blue colour are not only describing to the water, but it also create the reliability feeling through the brand. Including with the significant for expert, production masterfulness for the best quality of drinking water product.
Siam drinking water 15th Anniversary (2555 BE.)
        number 15 located over the ribbon with “Anniversary” text above “Siam drinking water” trademark, come up with the slogan “15 years of quality..through the best of production” all these content will be
printed with dark and light blue colour.
        Siam drinking water company has been conducting for the water drinking professionally until growing through the 15th anniversary at year 2012. Siam drinking water focus and aim for the best quality
as a mainstream to achieve the reliability, trust ability from the worldwide consumers. In the near future, Siam drinking water will keep moving and escalate to the international standard with preparedness
and manufacturing competence, where using world-class high-innovation technology through our modern productivity process with 700 million THB of investment budget.
Sale Executive
        More than 50 sales officer willing to serve our customers and support for customer’s most satisfaction.
Call center
        Customer service call center willing to serve all customers, consult or give the advise and also glad to listen for all complaint due to the business performance or other inconvenient that customer may received.
        center 02-7181880 Open Daily : Monday- Saturday 08.00-17.00 hrs.
        Control and monitor the logistic system with GPS (Global Positioning System) to achieve the most satisfaction from customer.
  • Support logistic function with the effective various type of vehicles more than 200 units.
  • Confirm with the 99.9% delivery warrantee, including with the back-up vehicle for any urgency case, to response and serve all the customer requirement.
  • Delivery officer are well oriented and good manner behave, under KPI policy to ensure that customer will receive the best service.
  • Free delivery overall Bangkok and nearby area, including with the capital city in other provinces (More information, please contact our call center 02-718 1880)
Delivery and distribution method
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