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TTC Siam Drinking Water Co., Ltd commit to escalate Thai’s drinking water and aims to create the image of Siam drinking water as a high quality drinking water, clear and clean as a mainstream together with a good service
to give the best satisfaction for the consumers and confidence with an feel worth it every time when drink Siam Drinking Water.

Through the pass years our company have brought and applied advance technology and machinery for conduction in manufacturing process under control by professionals and specific expertise to research for achieving the best quality of drinking water. As a result, our products have verified and guaranteed by various of institutes such as GMP, FDA. Ministry of Public Health Industry-standard ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP, of the TUV NORD, Germany Where reaching us to achieve the trust-ability from the worldwide consumers.

Currently, the company has improved the image of Siam drinking water to be more modern
and aims to get closer through the consumer together with communication under slogan
Siam drinking water purified…give more than you think. It communicates to the consumer that
it's not, just drink water for thirst or heat only. However, water quality has benefits such as helping to provide a cool refreshing thirst-quencher. The relaxation and helps to fix the system, I was driving to work as usual and so on.

With a commitment from the past through the present, has made the Siam water is growing rapidly. Established and has earned the trust from worldwide clients. Siam drinking water will continue to move forward with the high productivity, quality and effectively of manufacturing process drinking water and natural mineral drinking water.

Vision : Product development/ Escalate Thai’s drinking standard/ Best service with the best sincerely mind/ moving forward to the globalization.